About the island

Lefkada has an extreme natural beauty, easy access by car and combines beautiful crystal water beaches and a magnificent inland with traditional villages. Visitors can explore the whole island in a short period of time and it can offer both a quiet, isolated vacation time and an intense experience.

Lefkada is known for her cultural events that will give you the chance to get to know the Ionian culture. In order to learn about the history of the island itself don’t forget to visit the small museums and temples.
You can learn about the events at www.lefkada.gr

In the city of Lefkada, a 15 minute car ride away from Nikolas & Sofia Studios, you can enjoy walks on the main street where you can find traditional taverns, beautiful coffee shops as well as a large variety of shops that can fulfill everyone’s needs .
For a little bit of night fun, you can find a large number of local bars and restaurants in the city, next to the sea.

Agios Nikitas Village

For everyone that doesn’t want to distance themselves too much from the Nikolas & Sofia Studios, there is the seaside village of Agios Nikitas just 1.5km away. There you can find car/scooter renting services, mini markets, bakeries, taverns, coffee shops and all just a breath away for the beach of the village, perfect for a morning swim in the crystal waters and beautiful scenery.

Famous nearby Beaches

Nikolas & Sofia Studios are located only 1km away from the organized beach of Kathisma, with a 2km length, spacious parking space and many choices of beach bars and restaurants to choose from, that will make you want to stay in the crystal, almost transparent waters of the beach forever.

If you want to enjoy the wild landscape from above, don’t hesitate to try a paraglider flight from the top of the mountain. Don’t forget to visit Milos beach as well as the quiet beaches right under Kalamitsi village. In only a 15 minute car ride from the studios you can enjoy the nature away from the bars and tourist attractions in the privacy of all the small natural beaches all around the island.

Lefkada island useful information

During the days that the waves of the Ionian islands will restrict you from enjoying the sea on the west side, you can enjoy the eastern side of the island, where the beaches are definitely more protected from the wind and therefore there will be no waves. There you can find small villages and local seaside taverns surrounded by wild nature.

Don’t neglect to visit the inland of the island, where you can find beautiful traditional villages without having to worry about the heat of the summer time. Discover amazing paths perfect for hiking with breathtaking views you will never forget. You can continue to explore the island even under water, since in the village of Nikiana you can find the ”Lefkas diving center” that will help you experience the underwater treasures of the island.


Lefkada is one of the Greek Ionian Islands located off the west coast of mainland Greece. The island (also known as Lefkas and Leucade) is connected to the mainland by a 50 meter drawbridge that was built in the 1980s to replace the archaic chain-operated ferry originally introduced by the Emperor Augustus.

In fact Lefkada was not an island at all until the 5th century BC when the inhabitants dug a channel to separate themselves from the mainland.


The closest airport to Lefkada Island is located in Préveza – Aktion National Airport (The international airport code is PVK).

How far is it from Preveza Airport to Lefkada Island?

  • Lefkas Town – 20 minutes
  • Nidri – 40 minutes
  • Vassiliki – 90 minutes


There are daily bus connections to Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Igoumenitsa and Preveza.

Contact the Bus Station :

Lefkada Bus Station

Address : A. Tzeveleki & Filosofon

Tel : 26450 – 22364

Fax : 26450-21827



Lefkas is 385 km from Athens, 420 km from Thessalonica, 180 km from Patra, and 100 km from Igoumenitsa. The bridge connecting Lefkas with mainland Greece (toll-free) provides the road access to the island.

The rotation time of P/C Saint Maura N.P. 26 bridge :

From 08:00 to 22:00 full rotation of the bridge every hour.

From 23:00 to 07:00 the bridge rotates fully whenever there is a ship.


  • Kathisma beach — 1km
  • Milos Beach —1.5km (to the path) & 10 minutes walk
  • Kalamitsi village —4.5 km
  • Agios Nikitas Village — 1.5km
  • Lefkada Town — 15.5km
  • Nikiana village — 22km
  • Nidri village — 30km
  • Vasiliki village —25km
  • Porto katsiki beach —29km
  • Egremni beach —23km
  • Pefkoulia beach — 2 km

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